Programme for Friday Mornings

Members are free to pursue their own projects if they wish; however, they are encouraged to follow the theme for the day that is set in the programme below. The programme below was last updated on the 20 August 2023.
Following a vote at our AGM, Ashbrooke Sports Club is now our permanent home ... at least, until they get sick of us!
As Spring is about to spring into being and the buds of inspiration are about to burst into blossoms of creativity ... here is the Programme for the Friday sessions from August 2023 :=.

Nov'r 10 Silhouettes.
Nov'r 17 Matisse style cut outs. I'm going to have to Google this one!
Nov'r 24 Copy a famous painting! But not one of mine, please .... copyright to be observed!
Dec'r 01 Just Ink. Be grateful it isn't Christmas cards!
Dec'r 08 Still life arrangement for the group ... themed Christmas decorations. Damn! I knew Xmas would feature somewhere.
Dec'r 15 An objective abstract painting with us all working from the same reference photo. Nope, I'm not sure either!? BUT ALSO .... The
Christmas Buffet !!!
Dec'r 22 Weather.

If you cannot make the Club .... or even if you can ... why not follow the theme at home, then post the result on the Club's Facebook page ..... go on, be bold; you know you want to!!

ALSO ... if you become aware of an Art Fayre somewhere local, we might think about setting up a stall to promo' the club .... maybe even sell a painting or three!!