Sunderland Art Club was first established in 1943. The Club has always welcomed artists of all ages and abilities and continues to do so. This website is intended to make the club more accessible, showcase members work and advertise our programme of events and exhibitions. Above all, it aims to encourage people, especially beginners, to come along and have a go.

SO , as of JULY 2021, the Club meets on a Friday morning between 09.30 and 12.00 at ASHBROOKE CRICKET GROUND. We meet in the bar area (which is closed for the sale of drink!)
A small group also meet at ASHBROOKE CRICKET CLUB on a Tuesday Evening from 18.00 till 20.30, THIS TIME IN THE MEMBERS LOUNGE (THE ADJOINING BAR IS THEN OPEN!!!! )
A programme of themes for our Friday meetings is issued to encourage members to try new mediums, new subject matter and to generally broaden their range and stretch their abilities. The programme will typically include sessions on portraiture, still life and the showing of educational DVDs. See the 'Programme' icon below.
The Club does not offer tuition as such, but our experienced members are happy to give advice and encouragement .... aren't we ... chaps!?.
Please do come along and join us, we'd love to gain some new members now that COVID is no longer the threat it once was !!
You can also interact with the club via its Facebook page ... which is proving to be a real lifeline in these difficult times.
A recent innovation is the forming of a WhatsApp Group to facilitate painting en plein air. Favourite locations seem to be Whitburn, Seaham, Riverside by NGC .... but we are open to suggestions! Ask Mike if you wish to be added to the group. Attendance at 'plein air ' sessions is not obligatory .... evidently!
Social Distancing and the wearing of masks is no longer a requirement; but do respect the wishes of some to continue said practices as some members remain vulnerable!! Note that masks continue to be very handy for storing your pencil sharpener or wiping your brushes!!

This website was last updated on the 16/03/2024

To fill in those tedious hours in-between tea breaks ... why not try our 'MID WEEK CHALLENGE' , created by popular demand to supplement the Friday Morning Programme. Choose a topic from the following ... they are in no particular order ... and post them on Fb.!!

1. Draw an item you have used today. 2. Go for a walk and make up an illustrated map of where you went. 3. Do a 30 minute painting ... no cheating! 4. A wooden object. 5. Black and White pencils on a coloured sheet to create a portrait of a celeb. 6. A building that is special to you. 7. Close your eyes, draw with a pen or pencil without lifting of the paper; colour the result. 8. Spring Flowers. 9. A pair of shoes / boots. 10. Hats, gloves and scarf.

DO please follow the programme and post your artworks on our Fb page for all to admire / critique / make fun of .... No, no, not make fun of !! NO!! Constructive comments only please. Be nice people; these are troublesome times and many are feeling vulnerable!.